Laura Snell - Language Services - Academic Support, Proofreading, Research & Tutoring

What services do I offer?


I can proofread documents of any size, for example: CVs, letters, reports, advertisements, essays/assignments, dissertations, academic articles and manuscripts. The proofreading will involve identifying and correcting spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors
All documents need to be emailed in Microsoft Word format and I will then use the 'track changes' function to proofread the work. 

All deadlines and costs will be negotiated with the client. The standard rate for academic proofreading is from £10 per 1000 words.

Qualitative research 

If you are snowed under with research and project work, you might want to consider outsourcing some of the tasks to free up your time. I can support you with online research, academic journal searches, literature reviews, bibliographies, audio transcription and data analysis.  

All costs and deadlines will be negotiated according to your specific requirements. Research tasks can be arranged on an ad hoc basis, so that you only pay for the work you need. 

Individual tutoring 

If you need support with your English or study skills, then I can provide individual tutoring sessions tailored to meet your specific needs. I've worked with clients on a variety of courses such as GCSE English Literature/Language, undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. 

The tutoring can be conducted either face-to-face or online (via Skype).  

I am registered with DSA-QAG as an NMH provider, so I can provide language support for d/Deaf students in higher education. The language support sessions can be conducted in spoken English and/or British Sign Language.   

All tutoring is priced on an individual basis depending on the subject, course level and location.  

Please contact me for further information and to discuss your specific requirements

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